Read what the clients and veterinarians are saying about the AviStraint

"Sonny did not mind the wrap at all, and it worked really well."
- Jennifer with Sonny, the Sun conure

"Trixie always tries to escape the towel. She was able to get loose some times. This looks like a very safe way examine her."
- Kory with Trixie, the Brown-headed parrot

"Is not stressful to the bird. It is easy to put on, fast, and not complicated. Looks like it is easier to examine a bird because you can see more, where towels are in the way."
- Debra with Flip, the Green-cheeked conure

"I love the restraints. It makes exams much less stressful for the birds, and for me."
- Cindy with Jasmine and Jabber, the Golden conures

"Levi stresses when he has to be examined. The new way of restraint makes it less stressful on all of my birds."
- Sarah with Levi, the Hyacinth macaw, and Pepé, the Red-fronted macaw

"Dexter does not scream like he did in a towel."
- Carole with Dexter, the Cockatiel

"Neato! Your wrap is great! Chloe does not mind it at all."
- Ron with Chloe, the Mexican red-headed Amazon parrot

"I used the AviStraint wraps for the first time in a teaching lab at the
Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference. They were easy to apply,
and provided excellent restraint while still allowing access to the bird
for most of the physical examination and diagnostic/treatment procedures.
I look forward to trying them out on a variety of avian patients."

- Dr. Laurie Degrenes, Board Certified Avian Veterianrain, Professor of avian medicine and surgery, NCSU College of Veterinariny Medicine